How It Works

The TeamXING Sports Mobile app, allows players and their network to buy and sell all their sports gear and have all or a portion of the proceeds go to the sporting team or coach of their choice. TeamXING is a great way for players to find the sporting goods they need at a price point that meets their budget while helping their coach raise the funds needed to support their ongoing activities.

Sell for a cause

The Season’s over, nothing fits anymore or it’s just time to cleanup, with TeamXING, we now have a place for you to get rid of  all your sporting goods products while helping raise money for your favorite teams.

Buy new & used

Find all the sporting goods you need in one place, new or used from your multiple sellers and vendors you will learn to trust.

Raise Money

TeamXING offers a comprehensive solution for teams and coaches to raise money by inviting its members and their network to sell their new and used items to help support the team.